Overnight flights are often dreaded even by the most experienced travelers. If you’ve ever tried to sleep on an airplane – especially in those small, uncomfortable seats – you know that this isn’t the most pleasant experience. However, there are some things you can do to make your next overnight flight more tolerable and even enjoyable.

For frequent travelers, one way they make these long flights more comfortable is to fly business class for overnight flights. While this may cost you a bit more, the comfort and convenience provided by this method of travel is well worth the extra expense.

 Still not convinced business class is worth it? Here’s a closer look at five perks to flying Business Class for overnight flights.

Priority Check-In + Boarding

Airport lines are longer than ever before. Sometimes, especially during peak travel seasons, waiting hours at check-in can result in missing a flight. However, when you fly business class, you get priority check-in. It’s easy, convenient, and starts your trip off on a comfortable, positive note. For business class travelers, missed flights and long waiting times are hardly a reality. 

The convenience and luxury continues when boarding. Business class passengers are called first, which gives them first dibs on overhead space and beverages on top of bypassing lines and crowds.

We’re all familiar with the painful experience of waiting to disembark after a long trip. But business class passengers are the first to deboard and depart the airport upon arrival. With business class, you’ll be the first off the plane and on your way to your next destination as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.

Extra Baggage 

While this varies according to each airline’s policy, many airlines offer additional baggage and weight for business class travelers. Planning on doing some shopping at your destination? Packing some extra baggage – at no additional cost per bag or pound – will help ensure that you’ve got space for all your souvenirs.

Access to the Business Class Lounge

Anyone who’s ever waited in a crowded airport terminal knows that it’s anything but pleasant. That’s why Business Class lounge facilities are an ideal antidote.

As with baggage policies, lounge access and facilities depend on the airline. However, this amenity offers passengers a much more peaceful environment to enjoy while you wait to board, along with access to high-quality food, luxury bathrooms and showers, charging stations, and a full bar.

More Space

On a short daytime flight, it’s nice to have extra space, though not completely necessary. On an overnight flight, however, extra legroom is a necessity, especially if you’re hoping to get some sleep.  

Most business class seats can be fully reclined to a flat, bed position. If you have the option to choose a lie-flat business class seat, take it! We guarantee it will be the most restful flying experience you’ve ever had.

Food + Facilities

Speaking of creature comforts, you’ll find them on an overnight business class flight. Business class passengers are also provided with comfortable amenities like a pillow and blanket, warm, plush socks, noise-canceling headphones, sleep masks, and other toiletries. You’ll also get a better selection of inflight entertainment and much bigger (often interactive touch-screen) monitors. 

Say goodbye to barely edible airplane meals and unappetizing snacks. With business class, you’re welcomed to the flight with a glass of fresh juice or champagne. Then, you’ll enjoy gourmet cuisine throughout the flight, paired with your favorite wine or soft beverage.

Fly Business Class With Us

While flying business class may seem like an unnecessary extra expense, there’s nothing more important than the health, wellness, and comfort of passengers during their travels. Business Class offers a luxurious experience that will help you get a good night’s sleep, avoid exhaustion, and arrive at your destination ready to make the most of your trip. We can’t think of anything more worthwhile!

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