With travel restrictions opening up, so are the options for taking to the friendly skies. If you’re (finally!) ready to explore but concerned that you may not have enough time to adequately plan and prepare to pull off a trip, we’ve got good news for you. You can still follow your wanderlust to an amazing vacation — with a little help from the travel experts here at Business Class.

Read on for a roundup of last-minute travel tips, tricks, and strategies designed to help you simplify and save on the trip of your dreams.

1. Save your rewards for next time.

While frequent flyer points can save you big bucks in airfare, you may actually end up saving money on last-minute flights by just using cash. Why? Because many airlines charge “close-in” booking fees of up to $75 for flights booked within 21 days of departure.

Unless the airline you’re flying is among the few that don’t charge close-in booking fees, plan on saving your rewards for when you’ve got a longer lead time.

2. Travel the right way at the right times.

Last-minute flights can be significantly more expensive than alternatives. One of our favorite ways to keep costs low? Comparison shop at different sites — starting with right here at Business Class, where you can save up to 60 percent off first-class and business class airfare.

Also, don’t forget to consider different departure and arrival airports, too. While major airports are known for having low ticket prices, it’s possible to score a deal on single connection flights from nearby airports.

If you have flexibility with your travel dates, be sure to price shop within your window of travel. For example, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars off of your ticket just by traveling in the middle of the week when business travel is the lightest.

And be patient, if you can: Airfare prices are notoriously volatile. If prices are out of your budget at any given time, checking back the next day can reveal sudden and surprising price drops.

3. Have an open mind.

The world is full of phenomenal destinations packed with unique, interesting, and eye-opening things to see and do. If you limit your bucket list to just one destination, you’re at its mercy in terms of what you’ll pay to visit. However, if you’re willing to consider many different destinations, you open yourself to an entire world — literally! — of possibilities.

If everyone is flocking to one destination right now, you’ll find much more affordable pricing (and much fewer crowds) by traveling somewhere else. For example, with many people seeking open spaces and time in nature after being cooped up for so long, an urban escape may be more budget-friendly.

Not to mention that while major tourist destinations certainly have their allures, traveling “off the beaten path” has an exhilarating charm of its own.

4. Practice due diligence.

While many regions of the world are opening up, others still have restrictions pertaining to testing, quarantine, and other COVID-related factors. Furthermore, these rules and regulations are constantly changing.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to check out the U.S. State Department’s COVID-19 travel information, as well as country-specific advisories, before booking your flight and traveling.

5. Download these apps.

Apps don’t just make life easier. They can also make it less expensive — especially when it comes to booking hotel rooms. Some of the best last-minute travel apps include hotel-booking apps like HotelTonight, One:Night, and SecretEscapes — all of which offer amazing last-minute travel deals on accommodations, including hotel rooms and vacation packages.

Another one of our go-to last-minute travel deal apps? Trip.com, which not only offers an average savings of 25 percent off of hotel rooms but is also packed with suggestions for what to eat and where to go.

While traveling is one of life’s greatest adventures in and of itself, last-minute trips are especially exhilarating. They can also be stressful, which is why it’s so important to plan ahead, do your research, and use the many resources available to you.

Speaking of using the resources available to you, that’s why we’re here! At Business Class, we’re dedicated to helping you find the very best deals on flights to the world’s most sought-after spots.

To save up to 60 percent off your next trip to Paris, Madrid, Rome, Dubai, Nairobi, and many other popular global destinations, contact us today.