Have you ever wondered how our planet turned out to be so breathtakingly beautiful? Mesmerizing landscapes of unbelievable color patterns, various textures, altitudes, forms, and states dissolved in perfect mystic laws of harmony and balance. Maybe beauty is the ultimate source of life in the universe? And we are lucky enough to call this precious third rock from the sun our home.

If this is not a tempting invitation for an epic walk, then what is? All hikes in the world celebrate being alive on our magnificent planet. There is no better way to embrace its scenic horizons than to walk them in your hiking shoes. 

Here we gathered the top five hiking routes considered to be true natural wonders. So grab someone special, wear something comfortable, pack something tasty, and – go. Your eyes and mind would get that remedy of offscreen sightseeing and a big load of dreamy wallpapers as such special memories to hold inside or framed over a fireplace. But before you go far and wide, you should be prepared to arrive fully equipped and well-rested. So pack some hiking supplies, check weather conditions and let Business Class cover all of your journey worries. Just pick the destination, and our professionals will find the best possible route for the best price in outstanding business and first-class facilities.                                     

1. The Whale Trail, South Africa

How would you like to witness the breathtaking sight of over a hundred sea giants with their cubs less than one mile from the coast in the world’s most significant nursery areas for whales? We believe that spending happy hours absorbing views on the spectacular Whale Trail South Africa in De Hoop Reserve is the top in hiking. The famous 33-mile Whale trail is a 6-day private guided trek with the finest catering service in the World Heritage Site and part of the renowned Cape Floral Region. The variety of natural wonders from different points of view shoreside will amaze you on this hiking route.

2. Camino de Santiago, Spain

What about walking the 12 centuries-old paths of pilgrims? Hiking Camino de Santiago is one of Europe’s best through-hikes and a unique experience, as anybody can do it. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker or super athlete to walk it. Crossing the charismatic time-worn towns and villages, walking by vast fields and farms, taking rest near the waterways under the beautiful trees – there are dozens of variations of hiking routes depending on how much time you’ve got or what you would like to see. You can hike on your own, wandering the landscapes and hearing only your own thoughts. Or you can pick the company of professional guides who organize a specific tour depending on your preferences, making charming accommodation arrangements and transporting your luggage all the way through.

3. Coast-to-Coast Path, UK

Walking holiday – is a memorable bonding adventure stitching you together with a group of friends or family. Just imagine some shared memories of picking up a pebble on the coast of the Irish Sea and throwing it in the waters of the Northern sea after completing one of the world’s most picturesque treks, from coast to coast of England. Described and inspired by the world-famous fellwalker, guidebook author, and illustrator Alfred Wainwright, this path leads you through the three National Parks, England’s prettiest villages, and the famous greens of the Yorkshire valleys. Sign in to your next epic vacation and receive excellent logistical support, first-class lodging and accommodations – and focus on the hike ahead! 

4. Maria Island, Australia

Painted Cliffs, Maria Island National Park

Most hiking routes are better from April to November (excluding the hot summer weeks). But thankfully, that rule does not apply in Australian hiking. Australia’s Maria Island National Park is located 150 miles south of the mainland and is the last stop before Antarctica. There you can meet Forester kangaroos, Bennett’s wallabies, and other Australian oddities like pademelons (miniature kangaroos), wombats, and fairy penguins.

View from Mount Maria

Alongside the self-tour option, fantastic guided walking tours with gourmet meals at tent camps can be found and arranged specially for you and based on your preferences.

Ocean Beach, Maria Island

5. Paria River Canyon, USA

aria River Canyon, USA
Paria View is a quieter view of towering limestone cliffs and the broader Paria valley beyond
NPS Photo / Peter Densmore

And last but not least, hiking to… another planet! By a crazy coincidence, this route is situated on our own piece of the incredible continent. Meet your new must-visit destination: the surreal Red Rock Canyons. 200-foot vertical walls of riverine labyrinths will allow you to feel lost in some altered reality of fantasy novel backdrops. Note that this hike should be well-planned to the minute. The weather conditions can put significant obstacles in your way, such as rainstorms that transform the sun-lit canyons into a flood trap. But the span of unspoilt wilderness will unfold before the time-conscious traveler.

Walking the Earth – is not just a healthy physical activity, it’s also a powerfully meditative experience. That’s why you feel much better after a long walk in natural environments. Exploring the world around us while deeply reflecting our mind – that’s the basic philosophy behind hiking. To organize one’s thoughts while breathing in the landscapes of our beautiful, diverse home. So grab the best hiking shoes you can find, make that one step, and then another one into the new and wild.

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