VENICE – even just spelling this word out loud conjures up pictures of lively gondolas gliding down quiet canals, accentuated by architecturally intricate bridges and decorated with shady nooks and crannies between ancient palazzos. Venice is a city book with vivid antique illustrations – which pop out voluminously and impress you with their elegance of form at every bend of the canal.

Strolling down streets in the world’s most iconic towns is an extraordinary pleasure in itself. But, during the Venice Biennale, it’s the experience of a lifetime. Venetian Biennale is like the Olympics in the vortex of modern art. Here an entirely different world of impressive reinterpretations, variations, and dimensions unfolds itself.

So don’t miss this year’s spectacular diving into the Venetian Midsummer Night’s Dream of universal art.

During a comfortable and a smooth journey to your artsy trip in Business Class try to indulge yourself freely with careful attention, personal comfort and some delicious nutritious food.            You can stop time for a while to immerse yourself in mindful planning, which pavilions and artists and in which particular order you would like to visit this time.

After your flight, jump on a Vaporetto to enter Venice from the water like it had been done centuries ago. We suggest you check in at the hotel Cipriani, which is located on Giudecca island and offers spectacular views of Venice Lagoon. There you’ll have plenty of rest in a unique luxurious wellness silence away from the hustle and bustle of the summer city. 

Cipriani is famous for its private boat service that can relocate you to ST. Mark’s Square in just 4 minutes anytime you like… It’s really nice to have that special place where you can take your time and hide away to revise shelves of your mind on everything you saw and felt at the festival with an incredible view of the Serenissima as a bonus.

Two hundred thirteen artists and 58 countries are participating in the 2022 Biennale. It is impossible to pay attention to everyone. Overdose of art can lead to maldigestion of the perception of beauty. Less but deeper – can become a motto of this experience. Carefully choose which of the pavilions to visit or rely entirely on art destiny and the spontaneity of the creative flow – it’s up to you. We recommend seeing the outstanding Danish Pavilion, as well as Great Britain and French pavilions.

Danish Pavilion

Great Britain

French pavilions

This year’s Biennale is female-focused, with 90% female artists in the main exhibition. And the artistic director of the 2022 biennale is Cecilia Alemani, curator of New York’s Highline contemporary art project – in any case, this Biennale is considered to be one that should not be missed.

As seeing art satisfies your mental thirst for impressions, don’t forget to appease your physical hunger with the best of true Italian cuisine. Here are a few places that will sate your hunger and restore your strength from the intense contemplation of modern beauty with their serene vibe.

Trattoria alla Madonna – hidden just beside the Rialto Bridge. This place serves traditional Venetian cuisine. Try the famous black squid ink spaghetti – it’s splendid here.

Mercado Rialto is also an excellent place. There you’ll find some fresh food to make an improvised and delicious picnic just on the picturesque stairs of some canal.

And to spend some time away from the tourist crowds, go to Giudecca, where you can find la Trattoria Altanella, the best secret place for lunch or dinner.

Don’t miss the chance to unwind a bit after a long day at the Biennale with gorgeous italian bitter aperitif “negroni”. Take the small table overlooking the Grand Canal in the mirror lounge at the Aman.

If you find yourself full of modern beauty, rest in the past majestic vibes of Venice by taking a private nighttime guided walking tour under the summer stars and charms of the eternal la Serenissima.

Summer IS the season of thirst for life. Tame yours with trips that feed not only the stomach but also the imagination. Let Venice do the trick for you with the Biennale parties, art events, and its ancient wisdom.

Enjoy your well-deserved true artsy life with Business Class at any destination you desire. We’ll do our best to frame your journey in the best possible way. 

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