Grand Prix de Monaco

Buying a great gift is never easy – especially for that special someone. Sure, you always get a smile and a thank you, but will they use it? More importantly, will they enjoy it? 

Or will it collect dust in the back closet?

Not this time, because we are setting you on a course for pure gift satisfaction and getting you up to speed on a wholly unique and exhilarating experience…

Imagine resting on well-deserved and very comfortable laurels, somewhere on the private deck of a yacht with the finest champagne at the world’s most glamorous sports event. Hear the mighty roar of ultra-speed engines, see the dangerous maneuvers, and feel how the world’s ultimate hunger for supremacy electrifies the fresh coastal air. Yes, now we’re talking!

The one and only Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco!

Monaco’s famous city track poses the biggest challenge of the F1 season. Seventy-eight laps of elevation changes and tight turns on narrow city streets make Monaco one of the world’s most exciting tracks. 

The journey to this legendary event begins in the seat of luxury. Business-Class affords you a premier flight with exemplary service and superior comfort all the way through touch down in Nice, the Jewel of the French Riviera.

In Nice, you can find elegant accommodation in picturesque hotels or mansions. Enjoy shopping, delicious French cuisine, and chic leisure pit stops a mere 40-minute drive from Monaco and all F1 activities. But if you have 20 minutes more, you could always take the breathtakingly beautiful coastal road. 

If you want to arrange a special one-of-a-kind surprise, you could always take a helicopter from Nice! Treat yourself to unforgettable French Riviera views from the air. And in 15 minutes, you will find yourself at fine dining by the harbor of Monaco or on private roof terraces with a panoramic view of 70% of the circuit – or perhaps on one of 30 VIP boats following the passion of this race at its full speed.

Back in Nice, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on a special road trip – driving a Ferrari! Famous limited-edition models are waiting to take you to the coast, mountains, or straight down the highway.

So get your F1 Monaco ticket right now and plan those perfect final days of spring, and we’ll take care of the best deals for your business class travel experience. Surprise yourself, or someone you love with the greatest gift money can buy: precious time worth spending.