Remember the last time you found yourself doing absolutely nothing? Early childhood, perhaps, when ME time was ALL the time?

Imagine a place on Earth where time ticks a bit slower. A place where people have the special habit to stop just to enjoy their very own, their special piece of PIECE.

Maybe you’ve heard them proudly announcing, “DOLCE FAR NIENTE,” which translates to “sweet doing nothing” or “pleasantly idle”… Yes, Italians are the founders and champions of celebrating the beauty and the particular significance of finding pleasure in life’s ordinary moments. 

Take this ordinary moment to join us as we drift from Rome through Tuscany to Piedmont to experience the rejuvenating effects of “dolce far niente.” 

All roads lead to Rome, they say, and we suggest you take the smoothest, most relaxing one. Parting the clouds on board this luxurious Business-Class flight, a flute of sparkling wine in hand, you’ll quickly adopt Audrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday” smile as you approach Italy’s famed capitol. 

In Rome, stay somewhere inspiring. The city is full of secret gems – historical buildings turned into boutique hotels. You could fully enjoy the Capitol views during breakfast on an open terrace or in the comfort of your private balcony. But please, dine like a local. Rome will reward you for it. Booking a private food tour in Rome allows you to sample the best Roman cuisine: pizza al taglio, pasta al dente, pecorino romano cheese, for dessert tiramisu or maybe gelato. Rome’s culinary delights will make you forget everything that is not true to the moment.

Deepen your dolce far niente therapy by moving towards a more peaceful and pastoral Tuscany. Settle into a picturesque poolside villa in the suburbs of some medieval town. Explore the surrounding wonders by bicycle; experience the pleasure of starting your day cutting through the herb-scented morning breeze across the dewey meadows nearby. Tuscany is where every bend of the village road hides natural landscape treasures for your fascination – and new desktop wallpaper. But ride further to the farmers market to chat with friendly locals and select fresh, tasty food for breakfast. Don’t forget to savor a cup of Italian espresso with cannoli or maybe two… just indulge in your new Italian habit of “sweet doing nothing.”

Take time to fully reconnect with yourself and that vita belle (beautiful life) and continue your journey. But by all means, don’t miss the lavender-covered hills of wine-famous Piedmont, the true centerpiece of Italy’s long list of proud wonders.

In Piedmont, you can arrange private wine tours with tastings at the best wineries and exquisite dining opportunities in local restaurants. Stay at authentically renovated luxurious 18-century farmhouses with outstanding views of the lavender fields at sunset and join a local traditional truffle hunt in the forests of Piedmont. In the company of the truffle hunter and his professional dog, you will experience real truffle picking along a scenic trail. At the end of the walk, enjoy the taste of an incredible fresh truffle, shaved on a slice of local cheese and served with salami and a glass of wine. 

And just when you thought you could spend a lifetime in the Italian frame of mind, it’s time to go home. But you won’t go empty-handed. On your flight back home surround yourself with the royal comfort of Business Class, remember pieces from your unique journey and try to incorporate the free-from-everything-but-now mind principles into your daily routine. And when you find yourself again exhausted with the non-stop buzzing of responsibilities, Italy is always there for you to recharge your batteries. Dolce far niente.

Don’t wait any longer. Book your business class flight to Italy today!