After all the covid restrictions and closed borders, we really missed the freedom of traveling the globe! The distant flights, the roar of engines, the sunset above the clouds, and the crew’s sincere smiles that welcome you on board (which you can actually see, not guess, under their masks). Maybe that’s why scientists didn’t really manage to invent teleport? It is nearly impossible to give up that feeling of outstanding Business Class comfort while crossing the sky on your route to any destination of your desire. 

Relaxing in a Business Class seating while enjoying a good film accompanied by a delectable meal – does this moment taste as it did before? Or, in a post-pandemic world, is it even better?

But let us refresh the seven ultimate life hacks of making the most out of your experience up in the air.

Comfy clothes. The success of any vacation depends on whether you can reach your destination well-rested. A wise choice of Business Class removes 80% of travel anxiety. You can be sure your trip will meet the most demanding service standards. Business Class is always happy to create a comfortable space in the sky just for you and your needs. But do not underestimate the benefits of wearing comfortable clothing for long flights. Trade in your collared shirt and pressed slacks for some stretchy and breathable “athleisure” clothing. Put your inner comfort first, and we’ll carry on the rest.

Hydration. Though well-filtered and meeting the highest health standards, the air onboard can be a bit dry, so hydration is essential. We have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but we suggest you drink a glass of still water after every other drink to compensate for the dryness. Also, contemporary hydration facial masks – are the real savior and spa indulgence for your face. As most business class long flights can grant you privacy, why not satisfy yourself with self-care routine benefits. The Japanese under-eye patches are the lifesavers to your glowy fresh after-flight look as well.

Sleep. You can hide almost everything under cosmetics, but even the most sophisticated Japanese patches can never mask sleep deprivation. So try to get that sleep mode on. In Business Class, we have succeeded in converting your seat into your dreamy bedtime space. But if you have your favorite silk eye mask to relax that sensitive area of your eyelids, you should consider taking it on board. It will help you sleep well in your hotel at your destination as well. Also, if you’re a sensitive sleeper, you could try ergonomic soft earplugs to eliminate noise.

Synchronization. That’s a straightforward life hack. Set your watch to your destination time zone as soon as you get to your aircraft seating. It will help tremendously to adjust your mind and body to a stressful change, and will help you overcome the inconveniences of jet lag. Just stay awake on the plane if it is daytime at your landing place and get some sleep when it’s nighttime there. If you can’t fall asleep, try to relax yourself with melatonin.

Massage. Another life hack to feel and look super fresh is to take your favorite face massager with you. As it does not take much space in your purse, it’s a superb travel companion for every selfie lover (for all champions of self-care and love as well). Tell that fatigue swelling – farewell, you’re armed to win!

Entertainment. Plan your favorite entertainment. You can always rely on the variety of multimedia on all of our Business Class flights. Every week onboard content is being revised with new additions to satisfy our customers’ tastes. But the process of self-preparation and finding your favorite books or tv-shows helps your mind to relax on that topic in advance. If you like to be the master of your own attention, make yourself comfortable by planning your particular favorite kinds of entertainment to rely on during your long-haul flight.

Cute details. Nowadays we have a lot of products that make our life and travel a lot easier (and so much more fun) than before, like a fashionable magnetic hat holder that can be attached to your travel purse, or a smart cup holder, organizers placed on the handle of your onboard luggage, portable neck fans to create your own microclimate around you wherever you go, sleep Bluetooth headbands, and countless other amazing inventions that keep appearing and predict our needs. So go ahead and feel free to customize.  

We all have our personalities and preferences. Don’t hesitate to bring yours on board with you. We’ll make sure you have plenty of personal space to feel and to be your complete self with us. To accessorize or simplify your flight experience with us – that’s your pick, and we will prioritize your wishes and preferences above all.

Whether you are travel for business or leisure – don’t wait any longer, book your flight with today!