Traveling enriches our lives. With each new region we encounter or culture we experience, we push our understanding to new bounds. We expand our horizons, define ourselves. At the same time, traveling allows us to shed our hum-drum routine.. But sometimes, when you least expect it, traveling can become a routine.

In order to spice-up your travel-planning, we collected an assortment of the world’s most unusual and fascinating places. Let’s transform a basic vacation into the experience of a lifetime.

Top 5 most outstanding hotels in the world


5. The Costa Rica Airplane Hotel, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica 

Let’s start by discovering what it’s like to have your breakfast on the wing of a plane.  

The Fuselage Suite of the Costa Rica Airplane Hotel is a children’s dream come true. Remember dreaming of leading that dangerous expedition into mysterious jungles when you were a kid? Well, now you really can enjoy your own Pacific ocean view from a treetop, where your plane “got stuck” amidst natural emerald rainforest treasures. Luckily, your plane possesses two queen beds, a large balcony, and a private soak tub… Well, expeditors should rest in royal comfort.

4. The Hotel Castello di Reschio, Modena, Italy 

The next miracle hotel is the freshly renovated iconic 1000-year-old castle in Italy. Yes, many former castles end up being boutique hotels, but the owners’ approach always matters. Count Benedict Bolza and his family have lived the past ten years at the estate while renovating it piece t by piece. They collected stories of the previous inhabitants who brought this marvelous structure to life and imbued every room with the character of its former owners. The Hotel Castello di Reschio opened to the public only last spring!

We recommend you to settle in the Tower Suite – the oldest part of the castle. The double bedroom is spread over five floors and crowned by a decadent private roof terrace to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Italian dawns and sunsets. In a place like that, you would never mind history repeating!

3. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania 

Now we plunge into Poseidon’s world for a vacation in a floating house at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. A hotel where you can have fantastic coral reef-colored dreams with your eyes wide open…in a bedroom with glass walls wholly immersed in water.

Relax on a luxurious bed surrounded by a shimmering ballet whirlpool of schooling sardines in the middle of the everchanging underwater landscape. You will definitely remember this colorful aquarium dream in The Manta Resort for a lifetime.

2. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya 

No list of extraordinary hotels will be complete without Giraffe Manor. The most famous and instagramable boutique hotel in the world thanks to its cohabitants – Rothschild giraffes, which roam freely in the area as if they own the place… oh, wait, they do.

The hotel is famous for giraffes who like to eat at a shared table with guests. Not many people can boast of such elegant and witty company for breakfast.

The picturesque sensational hotel is surrounded by 56 hectares (or 138 acres) of the indigenous African forest. You can meet many different animals on safari or spend the whole day contemplating the exemplary magic of the most graceful and towering living creatures on Earth.

1. Six Senses Svart, Norway

We will end our dreamy selection with an optimistic look into the future. The world’s first eco-positive hotel will soon open its doors for visitors. A significant step for the entire planet’s destiny is to make travel — sustainable. Six Senses Svart will be located at the foot of the famous glacier in Norway. The self-sufficient (using only solar energy) construction will be completed by 2024. Six Senses Svart will border the land and Fjords in the form of a futuristic circle and will use only its own energy. Also, all the other services at the hotel will be zero-waste. So save the date, saving the planet.

From the past to the future, from the dream to innovation, like life itself on Earth, traveling our beautiful planet is never dull if you immerse yourself in the diversity of forms. Choose the one which is appealing to you. Or visit them all!