Autumn is the most colorful and coziest season of all. The radiant kaleidoscope of nature is changing to warmer shades, and fallen leaves are loudly crunching under your feet in bronze sunlight. The thirst for traveling in the crazy crowded summer season leads to mild bohemian exhaustion in touristic towns. The upper part of the globe is taking a slow and audible exhale. And you are a lucky one if you get to experience that flow in Paris.

There is nothing better than to combine the crust of fallen leaves under your feet with the famous crust of freshly baked croissants at breakfast. Paris in October is famous for its vibrant artsy autumn seasons. And the perfect beginning, the capital letter to this – is Nuit Blanche. During Nuit Blanche, a world-famous night of art, many of the city’s contemporary art galleries work until sunrise and have special performances and unusual events. Monumental artworks, light installations, and sensory experiences will definitely light up your memories and could replace the fog of jet lag with the wonder of the arts. Although it’s not likely that you will experience jet lag while traveling onboard Business Class. But if you miss the non-official grand opening of the new art season, you can quickly fill the gap by exploring innovative galleries off the tourist paths. Like Galerie Xippas, you would love the location as it wraps the glass roof of another iconic art place, Yvon Lambert. Also, try visiting the Galerie Agatha Gaillard – a Parisian airspace specializing in photography. Or dissolve your imagination inside familiar walls but always different filling of Centre Georges Pompidou.

Paris leads your attention in a joyful dance with its ancient and modern beauty combined in an authentic “Parisiene” way. Blurry and full of tasty impressions, what could be even better than to catch some fresh air scented with herbs and autumn flowers. Away from the city into the legendary garden of the most famous impressionists of all time. Giverny of Claude Monet is just a brief one-hour ride to the north. Monet may have immortalized the garden under the summer sun, but he admired it without his brushes in October.

After gardening your thoughts, breathe in the Atlantic ocean mist from the famous cliffs of Normandie. It is lovely under the October sun – almost like getting inside the most beautiful, timeless, ever-changing painting. Isn’t it that our life resembles a work of art sometimes? Try to wander through some charming historic cities, enjoying the pleasant sound of French small talk and stay at old chateau-like manoirs boutique hotels.

Oyster farms of the French coastline are a pleasure you shouldn’t miss as well. Sample the freshest seafood and a robust regional wine. Either relax in a choice local restaurant or simply plant your feet in the coastal sand to enjoy this delectable French cuisine.  

So wait no further – make your reservation this Autumn for the smoothest travel experience of your life. Feed your soul with art and body with Premier French cuisine.