The Earth goes through four seasons each year. That’s been natural to our planet for millions of years. We are a part of this change as we are a part of nature. Scientists suggest our bodies adjust to the seasons internally as well. But what about our minds? Quite often, we live busy, distracted lives, always in a rush, galloping to the future, or sticking to annoying problems from our past. We lose the most precious juice of life ‘here and now”. We lose our natural ability to notice the change and respond to it with full awareness. So maybe we should take a mindful trip from time to time to the place where nature loudly speaks out. To hear that “click” between summer and autumn, feel it, crossing the sky and maybe the globe on board Business Class comfortable seats, reading about the advantages of your upcoming nature farm staying trip.

Agrotourism can become a wonderful getaway to stay close to nature at a renovated historical farm. Just you. Just peace. Just silence and the beauty of stillness in its divine agile change.

How about the wine area in some of Spain’s best rural destinations?

Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa

Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa. It’s an organic farm on a picturesque 14th-century Dominican Estate (that has always been a lodging house, they even have evidence of Christopher Columbus’ stay).

It is very much a place to find yourself resting with the finest food, wine, and spa facilities among the pieces of art and antiques that abound throughout the property. 

The grounds are lovely to wander around the banks of the Duero River and through the beautifully landscaped organic gardens, which provide delicious food on your plates at the restaurant of this magical place. With the sheep and goats that roam the pastures nearby, under the yellowed leaves of the old oak forest where you can easily spot some wildlife, you’ll be carried right away into the autumn vibes much like those Columbus got centuries ago. Or he would have if he’d known of mindful walks 😉

Masseria Agnello’s aristocratic farmhouse villa

Or maybe you should harvest some enchanting autumn memories in Italy’s cozy picturesque island of Sicily? Masseria Agnello’s aristocratic farmhouse villa from the 19th century will gladly do the trick for you. On the grounds of fertile Italian soil with green lawns, lush palms, carob, citrus, and olive groves against the hills. You can roam under the scented shadows of the nearby gardens with various flowers, aromatic plants, and herbs, like rosemary, lavender, and thyme, enjoying the supreme colors of sea views. The flavors of the food will match the stunning views. 

Farm-to-table restaurants in the area will tame your appetite for authentic tastes after conquering long hiking routes.

Farm Stay Le Mas de la Rose

The postcard from Provance, embracing its autumn depths of tastes and colors, is another way to welcome a new season of your life. Farm Stay Le Mas de la Rose in France offers genuine luxury in a gorgeous rural setting surrounded by 75 acres of lavender fields, olive groves, and pine woodlands.

The farm buildings dating back to the 17th century are now one of the finest hotels in rural Provence. Their fantastic food also deserves a special mention, with much of the fruit, vegetables, and herbs from the adjoining organic gardens.

Agrotourism is getting us to a sustainable new level of the popular concept of slow travel and is spreading through the world, from Europe to Australian nooks, South Africa, Asia, and the USA. You don’t have to sleep on hay under the smelly barn roofs to experience true unity with nature. (Neverthelss, a lot of properties can offer you this kind of experience as well:) Now you can choose the destination of your desire and easily find the best agricultural option in the region. 

These past few decades we progressed so much in the wildly innovative online world that we need some constant reminders to come back to what is real. Nature is generous to those who pay respect to it. Agricultural tourism gives us an excellent perspective on that as well. 

Human life is such a quick show on our planet. Let traveling root you into some slow being for a change. Book your tickets for this peaceful transition from summer to autumn. Be in the first comfortable rows and fully present. Fully alive. Business Class will gladly transfer you to any great spot in the world. And would make sure you’ll get there rested and inspired.

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