As anyone running a successful business in the food and beverage industry will tell you, although food is the main ingredient, it is far from the only consideration. The industry revolves around processing, shipping, refrigeration technology, operations technology, packaging materials – and the list goes on.

Anuga in Cologne
Eingang Süd

The organizers of Anuga FoodTec understand the breadth of concerns facing the industry. This speaks to the steady growth of the conference. The last time it was held, in 2018, over 1700 exhibitors from over 50 countries participated. Anuga also played host to over 50,000 trade visitors from across the globe. Anuga has become so popular largely because its visitors and exhibitors have been able to forge many successful relationships. 

Organic Food from Anuga
Stand: ardo, ANUGA FROZEN FOOD, Halle 4.2

How has Anuga attracted so many over the years? Simple: its comprehensive. All sectors of the food industry are represented – from research and development to design, production, manufacturing, quality control, purchasing, labor, logistics, sales and marketing. As the conference itself claims, “Nowhere else is it possible to obtain such a comprehensive overview of the entire spectrum of the processing chain for the food and beverage industry.”

Don’t miss it in March 2021!

Composition of a Cow
Stand: Vion, ANUGA MEAT, Halle 6