“Family” is a loaded word. It brings out the complicated bonds that hold us together – closely or distantly. 

Have you ever wondered what the bonding material that glues us together is? If you take a trip down memory lane, what are the most memorable moments of your childhood? For most, the holidays, family trips and adventures occupy the most valuable, the sunniest place in your mind. 

Nothing is more treasured than a shared happy place in the shared colorful past. A conversation beginning with “remember when we took that unbelievable trip to…” is priceless. It recreates or deepens a meaningful connection between people. 

Modern psychology suggests that giving our kids individual attention is the ultimate key for them to gain self-confidence and helps develop healthy relationship habits.

Inventing your own unique traditions to follow is another key to establishing strong family-bonds. So why not combine all three to create a bonding experience like no other?

How about a little date-trip with each family member separately? Just imagine the perfect getaway, use this precious opportunity to strengthen your family bond – in complete comfort and without distractions; every concern taken care of so that you can focus on you and your loved one on the board of Business Class. 

Here we have 5 tips to make this journey THE lifelong memories “jewel” both you and your kid will treasure. 

Plan in advance. Looking forward to a GRAND fly away date is an inspiring pleasure itself! Researching and planning the activities will give you extra topics to work on together.


Let them pick the destination. Remember your childhood? How cool it was to make the real adult decisions from time to time. And the trust from your favorite adult – well, it really what makes him or her the favorite:)  Also it will give you more information and deepen your understanding of kids interests. Isn’t it the ultimate goal of any family trip to know each other better? Paris or New York, Berlin or London, just let them pick. 


Prepare your mutual travel date journal. You can both write down your own notes, plans, ideas, thoughts, and impressions of the place you’re visiting or about to visit. There you can place photo booth pictures, or maybe the tickets to a show or museum. That journal is a great way to synchronize a bit your different points of view, and it could become an incredible piece of your shared and unique visions of that precious time together.

Have the “yes to everything challenge.” In our lives full of discipline, routine, and limitations, having some extra fun from time to time is a necessity! Try to widen your horizons by playing this game together, where the only rule is saying ‘yes’ to every proposal. Spontaneity and creativity will surely boost that quality time and your relationship.


Don’t forget to get those selfies printed. You can never underestimate the power of a memory beautifully framed. Your phones are a great storage place, with a little effort, you can make your trip into a really cool book to look through for years to come. There are a lot of online services where you can choose the design and place your photos in a favorable order. We suggest you do it on your stressless flight home with Business Class. The internet connection up in the air will let you do it easily while you share a laugh and some memories together.

Stay closer as a family and use that time to make a difference in each other’s lives, as there is no such a valuable thing as undivided attention from the ones we love.

Frame your own experience to remember with Business Class. 

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