Swiss claims “travel professionals have voted our Business Class the best in Europe several times now” on its website. That sounds exceptional – and vague. Too many questions arise from this clunky statement. This travel professional will cast his vote. A few budding travelers will too: my niece and nephew joined me on this Swiss Air excursion.

The Lounge

The lounge was crowded as soon as we arrived. 15 minutes later, once a few other flights boarded, the atmosphere calmed. I took the kids to the patio, which had a magnificent view of the aircraft and gate area. The kids and I had great time watching all the goings-on. The interior had everything you’d want for a short stay—lots of canned and bottled drinks, coffee, tea, and convenience food. The more private areas of the lounge had tasteful decor and a simple shower.

Priority Boarding

Boarding was smooth and at the gate. One line for economy and one for business and first.

Cabin Configuration

I liked the cabin presentation immediately. It had a modern and natural look. The darks, woodgrains, and light grey all fit together well. The configuration is 2-2-1 in one row; 1-2-2 in the next. The seats face straight ahead. I sat in a paired seat. Single seats weren’t available when I booked. My companions sat across the aisle from me. 

Child Flying First Class on Swiss Air


It’s less a seat than smart set of storage containers you sit on and amongst. It’s kind of like sitting in your own little private cubicle. It reminded of the camper my parents owned when I was a kid. I certainly don’t need all that storage, but I admired how the space was organized. My niece and nephew had a lengthy discussion about how much could be stored in one seat. When they were deciding on which items should be stored where, the discussion got heated. The cushion on the seat felt awfully firm. I like a firm surface when I sleep, so I spent most of the flight lying flat. I’m glad I did. I knocked off for a good 4 and a half hours. But not before we ate…

Child Flying Business Class on Swiss Air

Meals and drinks

Menus were delivered once we reached cruising altitude. There were 3 choices for first course, 3 for main, and a really nice selection of wine and cheese. Only 2 choices for dessert. I had a chicken mushroom dish for my main course. It was tender and tasty. And the Swiss chocolates for dessert were my favorite part. I only got one. Those kids were fa-ast! I noticed, at the bottom of the menu, another “quicker option” for those who wanted to get the process of eating out of the way. While I appreciated the option, I’d didn’t take them up on it. Food is to be experienced. And for me, it was a great experience. Once I awoke, all breakfast options were brought on a cart. I chose oatmeal, which, I was told by my nephew, is always a little yucky. I was happy to hear him say that. I had it all to myself. Yum.

Drinks on Swiss Air Business Class


The flight crew was attentive and pleasant and should receive full points for their service. They were fabulous with the kids, who received board games and answers to all of their questions. 

Entertainment Amenities

I didn’t spend much time with the monitor in front of me. There was a decent library of movies, television, and music. It was displayed on a 15-inch adjustable screen controlled by an IFE remote in the armrest. The kids were thrilled with all the choices on their screens. They dozed off while watching cartoons. I followed closely behind.

Convenience/Comfort Amenities

Let’s talk about the pillows. I put mine under my head, I think. I can’t remember it being there, it was so thin. I asked for a second one and the attendant quickly obliged. The blanket was thick enough. In the seat kit there was a neck warmer (?), lip balm, toothbrush/paste, eye shades, socks and ear plugs. The bathroom was well stocked with creams and soap.


Swiss offers a fantastic flight for business class travelers. About that claim on its website… I don’t know if I can vote it the best in Europe; Swiss has some tough competition. But Swiss is certainly in the running. And the kids LOVED it. For them, the whole experience was the perfect adventure.